Big Circuit

  • Duration: Full day (total 10hs/1hs free free Traful/1hs Villa Villa La Angostura)
  • Frequency: Consult
  • Hours: 8.30hs hours to 18hrs
  • Tips: Wear comfortable clothes and take camera.
  • Restrictions: None

During the tour you will see how wind and water over thousands of years, eroded the landscape leaving strange and incredible formations. We will visit Villa Traful, on the coast of the Traful Lake, and then Villa La Angostura.

We leave Bariloche taking the route RN 237. We will cross Ñireco stream, the Nirihuau River and in the western end of Lake Nahuel Huapi, the Limay River, border between the provinces of Neuquén and Río Negro. The Newbery pampa is crossed reaching the Rincon Chico. The Limay River is followed until reaching Rincón Grande, lining up to find the Amphitheatre, resembling in their forms to a great Roman circus.

The journey continues, entering the Valle Encantado, where you can see strange rock shapes figures that have been called : God’s finger , sentry, express train , Siamese , among others.

A few kilometers further on we reach Confluence, where Traful and Limay rivers meet. Before crossing the bridge over the River Traful, we take left the route RN 65, being a gravel path that takes us through hills and valleys, where the rivers Cuyin Manzano and Minero can be appreciated. Through beautiful Coihues forests we boarder Traful lake , 4 km before reaching the village of the same name, the road makes a sharp curve where we find the Traful viewpoint, on a cliff over 70 meters above the lake .

After passing through the village is reached Puerto Arrayán and Portezuelo, a place where the road joins with Route 234, or the famous 7 Lakes Route. Immediately we go through a place called Quintupuray, and the Correntoso lake coasts. Following the path south and through dense forests, bordering the great Espejo Lake, taking its name in Spanish from its “mirror” waters. Ther we reach the intersection of Villa La Angostura, taking there the RN 231 Route. We pass by the beautiful Puerto Manzano and while we boarder the Huemul arm, we travel in a road with several elevations passing Huemul Peninsula, and then splicing the RN 237 where we start the return to Bariloche.


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