Exploration Sadness Arm

  • Period: All year.
  • Capacity: 15 passengers.
  • Departure Port: Bahía Lopez Port.
  • Schedules: 9:00 am until 15 pm.
  • Suggestions: Comfortable clothes and shoes.
  • Restrictions: Pregnant women or people with heart disease, consult in each case.Includes: Life jackets, bilingual guide, lunch on board. Soft drinks and teas, insurance and medical coverage.

The trip starts at Puerto Bahia Lopez harbor, located 30 km. away from Bariloche. During the navigation, Tristeza Branch of Nahuel Huapi Lake will be explored. This is a deep glacial fjiord. Navigating deeply into the lake, between López Hill and Chapel Hill, numerous waterfalls will start appearing (especially during thaw season or after rainy periods).The woods will slowly transform into Valdivian rainforest, according to rainfall increase, yearly average 3,000mm (9ft.) per year. Enormous trees like the coihue and alerce or larch grow in this jungle. Thanks to the humidity a proliferation of herbs, ferns, moss, andand fungus can be found.

The western area of Tristeza Branch is a Strict Natural Reserve, which preserves numerous species, being one of the most important the Huillín (Lutra Provocax), southern river and lakes otter, a mammal which is only found in central and southern Chile and in Argentina, along the Andes from Tierra del Fuego all the way to the southern part of Neuquen province. It has aquatic habits, feeding from crustacean, mollusc and occasionally fish. It is also Nahuel Huapi’s National Park symbol. We would be very lucky if we had the chance to see a Hullín, though we will probably observe many bird species, from condors to aquatic and woods birds. Coasts of the branch are rocky and rough, with few beaches.

Sign of the presence of glaciers 5000 years ago can be seen clearly on the rounded rocks. During the trip, and if the sky is clear, we will appreciate the majestic Mount Tronador (3450 mts), which appears dominating the landscape with its glaciers and eternal snows. Once at the end of the branch a marked path awaits; it takes a simple walk until reaching Arroyo Frey waterfall, at the heart of the woods; an idyllic place, where nature expresses herself all around. After the walk, we start our way back, enjoying lunch on board.

The perfect end to this exploration around one of the most beautiful and wildest areas of Nahuel Huapi National Park. The experience on board is pleasant and friendly, enjoying a close contact between passengers, guide and crew.


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